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3 hours

The Headless CMS approach

In this training we will cover why your business should care about new agile methodologies and tools to create and distribute content around the world in an efficient way.

We will cover the definition of the "headless" concept in the world of Content Management systems. Also all processes that you should take in consideration before you approach this strategy

Audience: Cross functional (Business, editors, developers)


3 hours

Software Architecture 101

Learn how to collect all those requirements that you need in order to design a good Software Architecture. We will talk about the processes and learn how to run workshops with your stakeholders in order to get and balance all the quality attributes (non-functional requirements).

Audience: Software Engineers, Software architects, Technical & Solutions Architects



3 hours

Reusability on Information Architecture

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to approach Information architecture from the reusability perspective. Learn why Domain Modelling is the base of any good Information Architecture.

We will have time for real-life exercises where you will put your analytical skills in practice

Audience: Information Architects, Software Engineers, UI/UX Designers


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Edwin Maldonado, Reusability on Information Architecture
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